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The Pomegranate Bistrot

The Pomegranate Bistrot at Surveyor's Hill is open to the public for lunches between 12 midday and 3pm on weekends and public holidays; or for special occasions by appointment.

If you are travelling from interstate, for example Melbourne or Sydney, please call ahead to reserve a lunch or evening meal as part of your accommodation package.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available to residential guests each day by arrangement.

The first fruit from our 30 Pomegranate trees, which gives the bistrot its name.


Different seasonal specialities are offered each weekend. Please download our menu for more information.

Desserts are made fresh each weekend and will vary from week to week according to what is in season and what inspires the dessert cook each week.

Wild Rabbit Pie - a regular favourite

We take pride in the freshness and quality of our food.

All dishes are made in our kitchen, all vegetables are sourced from local organic producers Gleann Na Meala and Choku Bai Jo, and seafood is supplied by FISHCO DOWNUNDER, Belconnen Markets.

Our Food Under The Sun

We live in a part of Australia where a dedication to regional produce means the ability to draw on large and increasingly successful local farmer's markets every week, to source seafood from the cold waters of the NSW South Coast, and to utilise the produce of our own and neighbouring farms.

Surveyor’s Hill wines will therefore be matched with dishes incorporating our own olives and their oil, free-range eggs and seasonal fruit, as well as the organic seasonal vegetables of our neighbours at Gleann na Meala, creating a strong seasonal and low-mileage cuisine.

In our new dining space, Pomegranate Bistrot, we will offer lunch on weekends and public holidays, and evening meals for our residential guests and - by reservation - to anyone seeking flavourful dining in a vineyard setting.

We have built a solar-efficient dining room of striking contemporary architectural style and beauty; framed through its southern windows by the amphitheatre of ancient, brooding, volcanic Surveyor's Hill, once a scene of geological violence in an ancient sea. To the West the Brindabella Hills fold into a blue curtain. Between lie our vineyards, rising to 630 metres, and ever-changing through the seasons as the landscape greens and browns.

We cook from a background based on an appreciation of the immense variety and quality of Australian ingredients, and recognition of our great good fortune as a nation to have received the culinary wisdom and insights of so many immigrant peoples. Our food will reflect a love of the foods we can source freshly and regionally, overlain with a passion for the flavours and techniques of the lands roughly grouped as "Southern Mediterranean".

We will not mimic those cuisines, but try to bring their flavours to enhance the finest ingredients we can source. In particular, because of our own experiences and memories of the places where we have travelled and eaten, the visitor to the Pomegranate at Surveyor’s Hill will find dishes based as authentically as we can manage on Apulia and Basilicata, Spain, Portugal, and the sun-drenched regions of Southern France.
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